Unit 7 Stoichiometry

Unit 7 Learning Targets–  You can access most of the elective assignments using the links on the second page of this document.

Unit 7 Worksheet Answers–  Please check your answers on all your practice to ensure that you are correct.  If you need to see the work, come and use the notebook in the classroom.

Class Notes

General Chemistry Stoichiometry Notes

Stoichiometry WS2

Copper Lab Conclusion- Period 1

Copper Lab Conclusions- Period 5

Stoichiometry Review Answers- OOPS! I put Theoretical over Actual on #6… the answer is correct!

Article Information-  Here are some articles you might find interesting to read and write a reflection for elective points.  Turn them in online!

Article Template                                         Show Template


Cooking Oil

Kitty Litter

Lab on a stick

Unit 7 Test- Student Data Collection