Unit 6- Formulas and Reactions

Formula Remediation WS     Answers

You must compare your work to the key in the classroom before taking the remediation test.

Polyatomic Ion Table

Naming Race Answers

General Chemistry Wonder Project Timeline and Rubric


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Unit 6 Learning Targets–  There are links to most of the assignments on this document.

Unit 6 Worksheet Answers-  You can see the work for all these worksheets in the classroom notebook.

Molecular Formula Notes

Zinc Chloride Lab Calculations

Balancing pHet– This is fun if you need some more practice!

Review- unit 9 (Reactions)

Elective Options

Article Information-  Here are some articles you might find interesting to read and write a reflection for elective points.  Turn them in online!

Article Template                                         Show Template

Chemistry in digestion

An unusual explosive

Ozone- A natural sunscreen

Unit 7- Student Test Data Collection