Unit 2- Atomic Theory

2014 Atomic Theory Student Notes

Unit 2 Learning Targets– Use this document to access links to all the assignments.

Unit 2 WS Answers

Scientific Model Reading and Activity Document (make a copy)-  Please read the article.  Analyze the linked model and answer the questions on the Activity Document.  You will need to print out the activity document and turn it in.  Get a copy of the model rubric.

Dihydrogen Monoxide Link.  Here is the link to the questions (make a copy).  Link your assignment to the “Turn it in” page for your period (below).

Chem Matters–  Link to interesting articles- Please make a copy of the article reflection document.  Turn in below.

Want to watch an interesting scientific show?  Here is the link to the show reflection template.  TED talks and “Discovery” type shows work.  CSI Miami and Breaking Bad do not work.

Do you need to learn more about Evaluating Internet Sources?  Here is a link that will help.

Turn in your “Wonder Assignments Here

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Student/Parent Conference

APA Format Examples

Data Collection- Unit 2 Test